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We The People of Matson


Over the next 8 weeks, GL4 will be working on a project with Coney. This will involve community workshops, drop in sessions, secret agent training and a quiz👀

A message from Coney...

Hello. I’m Tassos, one of Coney - - an arts charity with a mission of making all kinds of play - anything people can take part in and play - to spark change. I’ll be spending time in Matson from September to November, hosted by GL4, working on a project for by and with the people I meet in Matson. You can contact me via or @tassosstevens on twitter and instagram.


Saturday 11th November 
Three Oakes Pub, Baneberry Road, Gloucester, GL4 6NR
£1.00 per person

pub quiz (2).png

The first stage of the project is called We The People Matswood City (Matson, Robinswood and White City).
This is in the style of a pub quiz that we will make together about Matson, which will happen on the evening of Friday 20th October. There’s a prize, and we’ll provide snacks. All are very welcome, families too.

It’s a regular pub quiz, but with a twist.

  • All the teams are mixed up a little bit so hopefully everyone will have on their team at least one person they know, and at least one person they don’t know so well.

  • The questions are multiple choice, so anyone can make an educated guess even if they don’t know the answer, and hopefully you’ll have a good conversation with your team to work out the answer.

  • Most importantly, all the questions for the quiz will be written from conversations with local people, written with you.

And so I’d love to have a conversation with you, and anyone else you can introduce me to, for your
perspective and knowledge of Matson, from which we can write questions for the quiz (so you’ll know at least one answer).

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Also, for anyone who is curious... I am also here on behalf of a playful secret agency, on a mission to make
the world a lovelier place. So you are also invited to join workshops which are also training as a playful
secret agent. The training is a series of easy to play games, sharing real skills to play as a secret agent (so no
one who is not playing can tell that you’re playing, so you’ll never look silly). You’ll graduate as an agent by
taking part in a mission to make a secret gift to someone, which lands as if by magic with lovely impact.
Here’s a local news article about a gift made in Margate which happened to be witnessed by a local
journalist - If this sounds like fun, then this is for you. But you
can happily take part in the quiz and not the secret agent stuff.

If this is something you're interested in then please get in touch with us via email at

The second stage of the project is called The Matson Association. It’s for anyone we’ve met through We The People, and anyone else interested. It’s a series of workshops, and perhaps some missions too, all designed to be interesting fun.

It will ask the question: if you had a magic wand, and could gift anything to Matson, what would you
collectively choose?

And then we’ll explore together how it might be possible actually to make that happen.

Coney has run versions of We The People (Of This Place) already in places from Margate to Gateshead,
Waterloo in London to Manila in the Philippines. But this will be a first-time pilot for The (Local) Association,
and we hope to learn if and how this might be genuinely useful for people in communities like Matson.

If this is something you're interested in then please get in touch with us via email at

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