The Rainbow Project 

This summer, Filstkit Theatre will be running a new series of colourful, fun family play sessions all based around the colours of the rainbow. We will move and Dance! We will play games together! After a difficult years of lockdowns and social distancing, this is a great opportunity for children (and their grown ups) to come back together, have fun and get colourful and creative. 

Age: unders 4's, with siblings welcome to join

28th September - 19 October 2021


Matson Baptist Church, Matson Avenue, Matson Gloucester, GL4 6LA

This project will run along side Matson Baptist Churches morning toddler group!


 Outdoor VR Dance in Matson

🗓 TBC, Matson Roundabout Matson

Put on a VR headset and dance through outer space in the middle of the Matson estate 👩‍🚀

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 Outdoor VR Dance in Matson

 Matson Roundabout 

Put on a VR headset and dance through outer space in the middle of the Matson estate 👩‍🚀

A GL4 event, in partnership with Strike A Light


From The Light Of The Fire, Our Dancing Shadows

🗓 Date: 1st and 2nd October 2021 
6pm - 10pm (Multiple shows)

📍 Matson Roundabout, Matson, GL4 6LL
🎟 Free!

What to expect

VR headsets, gold coats and a massive gantry are landing in Matson. Dance through outer space in the middle of the green on the estate! 👨‍🚀

Our Dancing Shadows explores two sides of the same experience, one in VR and the other watching on. It uses the latest VR technology to enable people to collaborate in the same virtual world at once, untethered and outside.

You can choose to watch the dancers and/or be a dancer yourself. If you choose to dance, you’ll take to the stage wearing a VR headset. You do not need to have experienced VR before in order to be a dancer, or have any experience of dance. It is not a competitive environment. If you choose to be a dancer in the VR experience you will find yourself guided through a gentle, poetic VR world.


People who have made this event possible

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A Kaleider Production, written and directed by Seth Honnor with Andy Wood and All Seeing Eye.